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Prince Sekyi

Data Scientist/Engineer

Prince is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Brookdale Community College, New Jersey, and Lead Data Science Instructor with TDX, where he teaches and prepares upcoming Data Scientists, Data Engineers, and Data Analysts for the job Market. He specializes in Data Cleaning, Data Wrangling, Developing and Maintaining Data pipelines, Machine Learning, Data Analysis, and Visualization using Python, R, PowerBI, and Tableau software.

Prince is a Tenured faculty, and he uses good communication and interpersonal skills to make abstract mathematical topics easy and understandable to his students; These skills are evident in his analytical reports and presentations. He is very concise and precise in his work.

Prince attended East Carolina University, where he graduated with a master’s in mathematics with Statistics Concentration and a master’s in quantitative economics and Econometrics.

Prince Sekyi
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