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Our Services

At Mogital Analytics, we specialize in the various aspects of data, statistical, and mathematical analysis and modeling. Our extensive suite of services is designed to help individuals and organizations enact meaningful change, realize their ambitions, and optimize performance and productivity.

Workshops and Seminars

We organize and host workshops and seminars on a variety of data science topics, aiming to share knowledge and facilitate learning in the data science community.

Study Design and Methodology

We guide our clients in choosing appropriate study designs, delineate statistical analysis plans, and assist in preparing study protocols and standard operating procedures.

Statistical Software Support

We lend our expertise in a wide array of statistical software, including R, Python, SAS, SPSS, Minitab, and others.

Research Problem Specification

We define research hypotheses, organize them according to their importance, and conduct thorough literature reviews to estimate effect sizes and synthesize results from previous studies.

Data Collection, Processing, and Monitoring

We engineer standardized procedures for data collection and monitoring, creating, implementing, and overseeing data collection systems using the latest software tools.

Statistical Data Analysis and Modeling

We analyze data using various statistical software, generate summarizing tables and charts, and offer comprehensive interpretations of study results.

Data Visualization

We convert complex data into understandable graphical presentations to highlight patterns, connections, and relationships, enabling informed decision-making.

Predictive and Big Data Analytics

We delve into existing data sets, extracting pertinent information to discern patterns and forecast future business and financial trends anchored on historical data. By meticulously analyzing vast data collections, we unearth hidden patterns, correlations, and insights. With the support of advanced technology, we're able to deliver immediate and impactful results

Data Management

We believe in the importance of trusted data for trusted analytics. We help our clients develop a solid data management strategy supported by proven data management technology.

User Behavior Analytics

We analyze patterns of human behavior, applying algorithms and statistical analysis to detect significant deviations that could signify potential threats.

Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning

We utilize advanced analytics and machine learning to uncover deeper data insights, detect trends and anomalies, and generate predictive models and recommendations.

Data Engineering

We construct data pipelines and efficiently store data by automating complex systems using various ETL tools, ensuring data is both accessible and usable. We also leverage Business Intelligence (BI) tools for data storytelling and insightful interpretation.

Client Testimonials


"I absolutely loved working with the Mogital Analytics Team. I would write Mogital analytics across the sky if I could.

Thank you very much!"

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